Tackle the Homelessness Crisis


  • I will be adaptable in my approach, but relentless in solving the issue.
  • The City of Los Angeles needs innovative and substantive housing models that focus on permanent housing options with minimum regulatory delays.
  • The City cannot ignore the soaring rents that have displaced many Angelinos. We need rental subsidies, reasonable limits on rent increases and evictions, and more guaranteed low-income housing units.
  • We must honor and respect the needs and dignity of all people. Once elected, I will work to end the unnecessary seizing and destroying homeless people’s property, focus on the decriminalization of homelessness, and prioritize mental health diversion programs and wrap-around services.

Upgrade our Emergency Preparedness Plans and Systems


  • It is estimated that there are roughly 22,000 households in CD 12 with limited English proficiency. 30% of L.A.’s foreign-born population emigrated from Asia, yet our emergency alert systems are only available in English and sometimes Spanish.
  • Considering the recent wildfires and our proximity to a major fault line, emergency preparedness must be one of the City’s top priorities.
  • The people of Los Angeles with language barriers cannot and should not be ignored. When I am elected to the City Council, I will demand that all life-saving emergency alerts are available in multiple languages so they are accessible to all residents in the City of Los Angeles.

Promote a Healthy Environment


Aliso Canyon Gas Facility

  • The leak at Aliso Canyon further proves that we need to vigorously explore and invest in clean renewable energy alternatives.
  • The facility is scheduled to be shut down in 10 years and I want to explore options that make it possible to speed that process up. I will work with state and federal representatives to ensure that the relevant regulatory agencies are committed to the shut down and hold the utility accountable. SoCalGas should be required to provide annual updates on their status to ensure compliance and avoid any extensions.
  • I will demand that SoCalGas, and all other energy facilities, disseminate accurate emergency information in a timely manner.

Santa Susana Field/Lab Clean Up

  • This site needs to be cleaned up of the contaminated soil and water. We need to make sure we do not negatively impact the environment or the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Residents have expressed concern and frustration over the lack of communication with local officials; they are feeling ignored and marginalized. I pledge to have an open-door policy so residents are able to communicate with me and my staff directly.

Sunshine Canyon Landfill

  • Since 2009, South Coast air regulators have received well over nine thousand complaints; a significant portion of these complaints have come from Granada Hills in CD 12 due to the Sunshine Canyon Landfill. From 2013 to 2016, the district has issued more than 90 notices of violation.
  • I pledge to investigate the status of the Amenities Trust Fund and appoint local stakeholders to the Oversight Committee to help ensure transparency and speedy mitigation.

Seniors, Family and the ‘Sandwich Generation’


  • The everyday life struggles and challenges in raising children, having a career and caring for an aging parent can be immense and sometimes incomprehensible.
  • The US Census Bureau statistics indicate that the number of older Americans aged 65 or older will double by the year 2030, to over 70 million. 80% of caregivers are family members. More people than ever are caring for their aging parents, while supporting their own children; they are known as the ‘Sandwich Generation’.
  • I want to expand paid family leave coverage to include eldercare, physical and mental incapacity and addiction.

Ease Traffic Congestion and Improve Transportation


  • It’s no secret that Los Angeles has some of the worst traffic in the nation. With an average commute time well above the national average, we need a traffic management plan that improves our quality of life, without sacrificing safety. Public transportation remains a key element to successfully breaking our dependency on cars and reducing traffic congestion.
  • Protecting the environment must be a top priority. Increasing the use and safety of bike lanes can reduce the number of vehicles on the roads, yet some bike lanes continue to be placed in inconvenient or dangerous areas. We need more thoughtful and practical bike lanes that create safe and sensible routes for riders.
  • I believe in sharing the roads.  Streets have to be safe and clean for people in cars and on bikes.